Don Pablo Edronkin

NBC / WMD Survival tips: an introduction (I).

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I wish that things were be different, I really do, but the proliferation of mass-destruction weapons, the existence of highly-toxic industrial deposits, and the increased aggressiveness of terrorist groups makes it increasingly important to know about these dangers.

Accidents such as those occurred in Three-Mile Island and Chernobyl prove that nuclear energy poses an inherent danger despite many of its advantages. Accidents such as the one that took place in Sverdlowsk during the late '70 in a biological warfare unit, when Anthrax spores were accidentally ejected to the local atmosphere, prove that such accidents can happen even in the most secure installations.

Terrorist attacks such as those on the Tokyo subway, with Sarin gas, and the hideous destruction of the World Trade Center, represent a stern warning about the intentions of some people who can be called human just because they share our DNA.

In other words, the belief that after the Cold War the world became a safer place is simply wrong. It is not, and perhaps, the potential danger is even higher because there is less and more feeble political control over these factors.

As it is easy to deduce from the aforementioned cases, there are basically three kinds of contaminating agents which can affect humans, plants, animals and the environment:

1)- Nuclear.

2)- Bacteriological.

3)- Chemical.

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