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NBC / WMD Survival tips: the use of activated charcoal (I).

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Independent funding for a free lifestyle The multiple uses of activated charcoal:

This substance is very effective for many uses, and especially those related to NBC (nuclear, bacteriological, chemical) decontamination both in liquid as well as gaseous or atmospheric environments.

Gas masks are generally equipped with activated charcoal filters because this material is the most ubiquitous for such tasks. It effectively stops practically all agents that could be swallowed or inhaled within contaminated areas.

The activated charcoal that fills up those filters is capable of stopping, by means of a chemical reaction known as adsorption all kinds of microorganisms, toxins and poisonous substances, be them either organic or inorganic, and even radioactive ashes or fall-out.

What activated charcoal does, in essence, is to adhere these particles to the surface of its grains, and the molecular forces that 'glue' those elements are so strong that nothing escapes their attraction.

Activated charcoal is used not only in gas masks and filters, but water purifiers and other devices as well.

Indeed it is possible to find even more efficient substances or products, but those are generally very specific (i.e. they work just in the case of specific substances), and not as versatile or inexpensive.

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