Don Pablo Edronkin

On good and evil (VI).

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To give money to those who sequester ideas is to give money to terrorism. To give money to Mr. Ben Laden is to help him kill you, and to give money to those who toast when Mr. Ben Laden butchers thousands of people is to help Mr. Ben Laden prepare the next killing, and you may be next.

These are not the true and genuine representatives or supporters of human rights. Neither Hebe nor Osama understand what 'human' or 'rights' means. I wonder how Ms. Bonafini would feel if suddenly finds out that someone was toasting as her loved ones were dying.

As a final message to this lady, I would like to add that if she is still pondering why someone took her sons and killed them, the answer is easy.

They vanished because they never suspected that they were about to die, and they did not come to that conclusion because their mother could never explain to them that in our world there is good as well as evil.

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