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On good and evil (V).

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More than 7,000 individuals killed for nothing.

More than 7,000 families destroyed for ever.

Tens of thousands of wounded and materially damaged people.

The destruction of entire companies, industries, art galleries, etc.

An increment of more than ten million people now living in poverty conditions around the world because of this attack.

The coming of age of mass-destruction terrorism.

The exacerbation of religious hatred.

Who can defend this and human rights at the same time? Who on Earth can say that both things merit the same applause?

Such people sequester noble ideas and concepts that are intended to improve our lives, and instead of pursuing them honestly they use them to develop ideas that they know that are lies and unacceptable. They parasite good intentions: they are evil people.

It is not the case that I have something against Ms. Bonafini or those who want to go back to the tenth century, but I do think that those who donate money for good causes should think twice about giving their coins to such people. Donors should be more discerning, or their money will end in the hands of those who would be pleased to see more hatred and terror in our world.

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