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On good and evil (IV).

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Talibans also say that they are the most faithful expression of Islam. The say a thousand things, but the fact is that they can kill for a beard or a musical instrument. Islam is for them nothing more than an excuse for perverted barbarism.

I never found in the Quoran anything that justifies executions in the middle of soccer stadiums. I never found anything that says that TV sets are decadent per se, and I never found anything stating that children have to be brainwashed and transformed into human bombs.

And by the way, I did find strong statements against the consumption of alcohol, so it doesn't take a high I.Q to conclude that the Opium business that the Talibans are currently running would not be approved by Muhammad. No way. Period. Thus, the Talibans are either slobs or liars.

They are taking advantage of Islam, instead of extolling its virtues.

As long as law is not violated, one can defend whatever cause seems fit, but it is a moral fraud to say that human rights are being defended when in reality terrorism is being supported, because the link between the fact that a fight is sustained and supported - be it legitimate or not - against a perceived or ostensible adversary or enemy and being happy because of that, and the consequences of those acts, is unavoidable, because that hit in the belly that Ms. Bonafini was referring to, already in a month has implied:

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