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On good and evil (I).

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'So, if law would be based on the desires of people, in the decrees of rulers or court sentences, it would be lawful to steal, commit adultery and falsify wills, in case than such things were approved by the vote of the majority, and if the power and sentences of the stupid were so strong as to be able to change the nature of things, why not establish that what is evil and harmful is to be held as good and healthy? Why not enable the law to make it fair what really is not? Why not turn evil into good? And this, because we cannot distinguish the good law from the bad on by other means than nature itself.'

- Cicero.

Today is October 11, 2001. Exactly one month ago I saw on T.V. how 7,000 people who went to work that morning died in New York just because someone who was not acquainted with them decided that it was time for them to cease to exist.

Yesterday I saw Ms. Hebe de Bonafini, President of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Association talking on a well-known T.V. show in Buenos Aires. Mr. Jorge Lanata, the chief journalist of the program called 'Detrás de las noticias' (Behind the news) was asking her about some rumours concerning the fact that she became exceedingly happy and even toasted when the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center took place.

Mr. Lanata was puzzled - to say the least - and asked her if those rumours were true. Surprisingly, Ms. Bonafini confirmed that by telling the audience that what put her into such a mood was the fact that 'the monster was hit right in its belly.' I saw and heard this myself.

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