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Survival advice: waterproofing (I).

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If you don't have waterproof or rainproof clothing, you can start improvising them at any time during your outdoor adventures. This can be achieved cheaply and easily by using circumstantial elements or commercial products.

Indeed, without a little practical experience, your waterproofing efforts will not deliver the best results, and improvised rainproof apparel is almost never as good as their commercial counterparts for many reasons.

Nevertheless, under many circumstances it would be worth a try to adapt your regular clothes in order to allow you to work or survive under rain or snow. First of all, you have to distinguish between the use of solid products in order to isolate yourself from the environment, and the modification of fabrics by means of chemical processes in order to achieve the same result.

On the other hand, stitches deserve special attention because seams are very permeable and cannot be processed quite like fabric in order to achieve a truly waterproof item. The simplest way to achieve isolation from the environment is to use a poncho, a rectangular piece of flexible plastic or rubber, or even garbage plastic bags glued together by means of duct tape or similar methods.

These elements can be configured so as to produce a shelter or protective clothing, if you want to allow yourself more freedom of movement. These items should be used as your most external layer of clothing, and in combination with others, albeit you should consider that the main disadvantage of this technique is that soon you could find yourself soaked in perspiration.

Preparing a big piece of fabric for waterproofing.
Preparing a big piece of fabric for waterproofing.
Two explorers finish the seams of a surface.

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