P. Edronkin

Trekking advice: a way to properly dispose of your litter (I).

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The issue of proper disposal of litter during treks and trips is not a minor topic, albeit it is not frequently taken into consideration.

Not-properly-disposed garbage becomes a contaminating agent, attracts vermin, propagates illnesses and also ruins the panorama. The next people coming would have to endure it: don't gamble with your health or that of others.

Not a lot of folks would abandon their dinner until it rots in the middle of their living rooms, so it is perplexing as to why many do throw away their disposable items without any concern or care whenever they are away from home.

In fact, along the trails and routes that trekkers do often visit there are scant resources to clean-up after their fun, and there should be no need to do so because grown ups should know what to do and clean after themselves.

Never throw away your litter along a trail or road. Pay particular attention to beverage cans and cigarettes. These can start a forest fire, and aluminium is highly contaminating.

Before abandoning a resting place or camp, you should proceed to:

1)- Dispose of all your garbage in the indicated way, if there is a basket, box or container to do so. Follow the exact instructions provided.

2)- If there is no place or method to dispose of your litter and you are on your way, take your garbage with you for proper disposal at a later time.

An ice cave in Patagonia.
The greenhouse effect and our lack of respect for the environment are
destroying landscapes like this ice cave found in Patagonia.

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