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"Your footwear is more important than what you may think. On your feet depends your behaviour, your capability to move and even your own survival during emergency situations. Without proper footwear, your feet could be hurt, frozen, burnt, etc.

If you can't walk, or if you can't do it quickly enough, you would not be able to escape from danger, you would not be able to walk long distances, pass thorough complicated terrain, and not even explore or go to the bathroom.

Even if you are stationed in some research base or outpost with comfortable temperature control, you should consider that emergencies or just the need to go outside may occur at any minute.

Bases and outposts may offer good living conditions, but they are isolated nevertheless.

While some of these tasks may be performed on bare feet, the difference between doing so without any substantial protection and working with your shoes on place is very significant in terms of the time involved, safety, etc.

Some terrains impose the use of footwear as a must, such as those where sharp stones, snow, ice. etc abound.

Thus, one of the things that you should consider before going into the wilderness is to get good footwear for you.

A coastal cave near Pto. Pirámides, Chubut, Argentina.
The sea and coastal areas are particularly abrasive
for all kinds of footwear. Clean it after usage.

There are a lot of different brands, models and concepts, but for most uses, military or trekking boots are generally the best.

Of course, being this largely a matter of tastes, some people object this last point due to the fact that boots are heavy and bulky. They offer protection but are neither lightweight nor small."

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