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Survival tips and advice: dehydration (I).

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Independent funding for a free lifestyle Dehydration:

Water is a necessity for life. Without it, you would not live a long time: after three to five days, people who take no water simply die of dehydration (see section to learn how to make vessels and pots for storing liquids).

Water has a lot of functions in our body, and these are all important. For example, water helps control body temperature, allows certain metabolic reactions to occur, and intervenes in digestion and excretion of chemical residues which, if accumulated, would become harmful for the body.

Dehydration is, in short, the loss of water, and albeit this process is continuous and happening all the time, its speed is variable and depends on a number of factors such as: Your clothing. Predominating winds in the area where you are standing. kind of work or activity that you are performing. you are under direct sunlight or in the shadow. you are sick, nervous or angry. you smoke or take alcohol.

Collecting gold and water from a water stream.
Collecting gold and water from a water stream.

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