Don Pablo Edronkin

The Nanotyrannus Weapons Family (II).

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Thanks to this capability, training with these weapons is very realistic, and the user can get deeply acquainted with his or her unit before using it on a 'real' situation.

These guns use non-rifled cannons, which are more versatile and less prone to malfunction. They also require less maintenance during extended expeditions and under severe wilderness conditions: we got the idea from German 120 mm. tank cannons, and while this might seem as betting on lucky shots due to imprecision, the reality is quite another.

Generally, buckshot is used. Ammunition is a 'wildcat' design. Nanotyrannus guns use custom-made 10 mm. Cal. aluminium-case cartridges. The energy delivered by these, using a full-power charge, is similar to a 12 gauge shot. Cartridges used for paintball games are technically the same as those used for real ammunition, but for safety reasons, the former are cut noticeably shorter and are lighter than the others so that a differentiation is always immediate.

We have tested all kinds of ammunition with our Nanotyrannus units: THV bullets, Napalm pellets, lead and jacketed projectiles, darts, etc. but these are not usually used.

Every Nanotyrannus unit is constructed almost entirely using aluminium and plastic resins. There are no moving parts, sophisticated soldering specifications, no firing pins, bolts or sophisticatedly formed components. Every weapon is controlled by a microprocessor and the ammunition is activated by means of electrical pulses. Thus, every unit can be remotely controlled.

The size of a Nanotyrannus 7.3.
The size of a Nanotyrannus 7.3.

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