Don Pablo Edronkin

The Nanotyrannus Weapons Family (I).

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'All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning. Great works are often born on a street corner or in a restaurant's revolving door.'

- Albert Camus.

The Nanotyrannus is a portable weapon, or more properly, a system designed by the Gea org. The Latin name for this design comes from a pygmy cousin of the Tyrannousaurus Rex, the biggest carnivore ever, which lived approximately 75 million years ago. Nanotyrannus means 'little ruler'.

This system was designed specifically for explorers who need a multipurpose weapon sporting the quality and ruggedness of a military-grade weapon, but with a higher degree of versatility as compared to combat armament.

We always saw ourselves as a factory of ideas, so during 1993 the design and development of this system was started without hesitation and the result obtained is in essence, an assault weapon capable of selective fire, but with a weight more proper of handguns than assault rifles or shotguns.

A very important conceptual difference between the Nanotyrannus and military assault rifles is related to the fact that the former was conceived as a survival tool, while the latter are war machines. Nanotyrannus units are not only used for self-defence or hunting, but signalling, fire staring, etc.

Another requisite concerning this development was to achieve the capability of using the same units with as little modifications as possible for harmless training purposes as well as live shooting.

Thus, all Nanotyrannus are capable of live fire, but at the same time, can be use for paintball combat with just a change of ammunition. The difference between a traditional paintball gun and a Nanotyrannus is that these use real gunpowder to give impulse to paint pellets.

Various Nanotyrannus.
Two Nanotyrannus 8.2 and one 7.3.

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