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Product description: Advanced Diet Formula (III).

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Ma Huang: Supplies 12 mg of naturally occurring ephedrine alkoloids. Reduces appetite and stimulates fat burning.

Panax Ginsing (root): Asian herb used to increase stamina, yet also relieves stress and eases symptoms of fatigue.

Ginger (root): Has ability to increase digestive fluids, plus absorb and neutralize toxins and stomach acid. Ginger has also been shown to increase bile secretion, as well as increase the action and tone of the bowels.

Lecithin: One of the many healthful components of soybeans, lecithin and its primary component, choline, are believed to play essential roles in cardiovascular health, liver and cell function, and fat transport.

Bovine Complex: Used for glandular support. Supplies amino acids in the proper ratio to orchic,uterine and prostate glands.

Damiana (leaf): The restorative properties of this native shrub of North America and Mexico were discovered by the Aztecs. Damiana is classified as a nervine tonic and benefits the genitourinary, gastro-intestinal and renal tracts by helping tone the mucous surfaces to provide a healthy reproductive system.

Sarsaparilla (root): Contains copper, essential oil, fat, glycosides, iron, manganese, parillin, resin, saponins, sarsaponin, sitosterol stigmasterin, sodium, sugar, sulfur, zinc, vitamins A and D.

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