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Product description: Memory Formula (IV).

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Conventional medicine utilizes other drugs such as Tacrine and Donepezil to inhibit the same enzyme, but Huperzine A is more selective and much less toxic than the synthetic acetylcholinesterase inhibitors used in conventional medicine. Clinical studies indicate that Huperzine A is safe and beneficial for memory deficits.

Ginkgo Biloba is an ancient Chinese herb. It was brought to Europe in the 1700's and is currently a commonly prescribed drug in France and Germany. Abundant controlled clinical studies supports its use to improve memory. Ginkgo increases blood flow to the brain, especially the cerebellum, thereby enhancing neurotransmitters by increasing oxygen levels.

Enhanced blood circulation to the brain improves short and long-term memory, increases reaction time, and increases mental acuity. Clinical uses of Ginkgo include treating early stroke and senility, vertigo, tinnitus, embolism, and some eye disorders including macular degeneration and diabetic vascular disease. Studies indicate that Ginkgo also increases alertness and mental responsiveness in healthy people.

Phosphatidyl Serine (PS) is a category of fat-soluble substances called phospholipids found in high concentrations in the brain. It may help preserve or even improve memory loss, improve learning, and increase concentration. Numerous double blind studies on PS indicate that it can also benefit depression and stress with no adverse side effects.

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