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Product description: Enhanced passion formula for women (II).

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It has only been recently, especially with the advent of Viagra®, that science has begun to turn its attention to addressing problems of female sexuality. While vast amounts of money and research have been spent on finding cures for male erectile dysfunction, while a rather miniscule budget has been allocated to investigate female sexual problems.

MD Healthline is leading the way in providing women with safe and effective herbal products to enhance sexual enjoyment. Ultimate Libido and X-Cite are proprietary synergistic herbal formulations that the chemists, doctors, and pharmacists at MD Healthline designed to address the psychological as well as physical dimensions of female sexuality.

X-cite is taken sublingually 15 to 45 minutes prior to sexual activity.

Active ingredients include:

Yohimbe, a pharmacological alpha-2-adrenoceptor antagonist with activity in the central and peripheral nervous system, has been used in many cultures as an aphrodisiac. In-depth, systematic studies have shown that the drug has a remarkable positive effect on sexual performance.

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