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Product description: Enhanced passion formula for women (I).

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Enhanced Passion Formula for Women. A natural approach to female vitality and pleasure. Heightens sexual desire. Improves sexual performance. Enhances mood. Maximizes pleasure. Increases energy and stamina.

Sex is not only necessary for the survival of the human race, but also is a major contributor to the quality of life. In the last few years, scientific knowledge of male sexuality has dramatically increased, while scientific investigations concerning female sexuality has lagged behind. Limited tests utilizing the male drug Viagra® have not proven to be effective for women.

Research on both men and women suggests that sexual arousal is increased by increasing the flow of blood to the genitalia. Moreover, sexual arousal depends on many other factors, including psychological well- being, foreplay and bonding with a particular male, and general good health. Many sexual problems can be minimized by a 'healthy' attitude, life style, and proper diet.

Femininity is naturally related to hormones and estrogen production. After menopause estrogen production decreases. Doctors often prescribe HRT or hormonal replacement therapy, but care has to be exercised because of possible side effects.

A natural alternative is MD Healthline's Super Fem Herbal Hormone Balance. It is a natural herbal formulation designed to ease the discomfort of PMS and menopause. Extensive investigation has revealed that a woman may thoroughly enjoy intercourse after menopause as well as before. In fact, for many post menopausal women, enjoyment of intercourse may be even more satisfying because they are free of the thought of inadvertent conception.

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