P. Edronkin

Survival tales: misterious lights in the Andes (I).

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During January 2001 I was in charge of a group of explorers travelling to Los Rizos Lake, in the Chubut Andes, in Argentina, where we had built a cabin a couple of years before.

This trek of four days thorough uncharted terrain led us on our third afternoon to a place called Camp David, where one of the members of the group reported hearing a scream of some sort.

We thought first that it had been caused by the wind, but after we had our camp ready and we were having dinner on very near the Glacier of Tears, we saw a torchlight making signs and moving on the highest part of it, near the summit of a peak called Mount Bolsón.

We concluded that an accident of some sort had happened, and since it was exceedingly dangerous to attempt crossing the glacier at night, we waited unt dawn.

Very early we were already on the move, but when we reached a spot from where we could reach the zone where we thought that the accident happened, a heavy storm with severe winds came and we were forced to walk half an hour to the cabin at Los Rizos.

There we waited for a couple of hours, and at 3:00 PM we went back to the glacier, carrying a light backpack full of first-aid and climbing equipment, as well as warm clothes and means to build a stretcher on the spot.

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