Don Pablo Edronkin

Survival tales: Misterious Deaths On Mount Aconcagua (II).

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They told the newcomers that Johnson had split the group, and that Cooper had died.

On december 1973, the body of John Cooper was recovered; during the autopsy it was learned that he had suffered a massive abdominal wound, probably produced by his piolet, and a series of skull fractures.

Jeannette Johnson's body was found during 1975. She froze to death wearing inadequate clothes. Her body was recovered after a lot of efforts failed, during 1976.

Police suspected that a crime had been committed, but nothing could be proved. Mountaineers believe that the accident was caused by the group's total lack of cohesion, leadership and internal disputes.

After this incident, local authorities revised the rules under which visitors are allowed into mountains such as the Aconcagua, Tupungato and others, in order to prevent accidents caused by inexperience. Today, climbers are obliged to pay a significant deposit of money which is later reimbursed on their return, and must advice local park rangers on their intentions, who can legally prohibit people from going up these mountains at their own discretion.

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