P. Edronkin

Survival tales: Misterious Deaths On Mount Aconcagua (I).

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During the austral summer, in 1973, an event not yet quite clearly explained happened on Mount Aconcagua, when a group of climbers from the United States attempted to reach the summit of the highest mountain in the western hemisphere.

Carmie Deofe, William Eubank, James Petroske, John Selton, Arnold Mc Millen, William Séller, John Cooper y Jeannette Johnson, along with a local guide were all seasoned climbers and knew very well all the necessary techniques to climb a mountain like Mount Aconcagua.

Nevertheless, problems began early during the expedition, and then, some of its members began to abandon their efforts one by one. Defoe, the leader of the group left first, leaving Mc Millen - a professional mountain guide himself - on charge, but things could not be managed coherently anymore.

Then Eubank, Shelton and Petroske decided to quit, and near the summit, the Argentine guide was forced to leave the remaining four members of the expedition on a high camp to take Petroske back down.

He considered that the mountain was too dangerous to leave Petroske on his own.

Meanwhile, the remaining climbers attempted to reach the summit, but when the guide returned along with members of the border patrol to take down the rest of the group, they found Seller and Mc Millen walking in circles and babbling, crying and blinded by the sunlight.

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