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Preventing dangerous situations (XIV).

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Take reserves with you:

Since it is necessary to prepare for contingencies, some form of basic survival kit is essential and has to be carried with the rest of your gear at all times.

We will later deal with this issue, but it is important to stress the concept now: your survival kit is just for emergencies and cannot be used like your regular gear. You should not mix it with the rest of your things and should not use its components lightly. This piece of your gear should be safely kept as near from you as possible, and at all times.

In this survival kit you should include some food and water reserves, spares, and other indispensable elements to survive for a short period of time. Most survival kits are designed for 48 hours.

During this time frame, you will likely have the opportunity to solve the situation and return safely to civilisation or to begin with more elaborate survival procedures such as gathering more food, building an emergency shelter, etc. but thanks to your survival kit you will not face imminent problems. The idea is that you will have food, water and medicines with you until you can procure reasonable substitutes for them.

In other words, these reserves are to be used only in the face of extreme necessity, and should be left untouched otherwise. If and when you use these resources, you will know that you have a limited frame of time to improve your situation in one way or another, so don't misuse them.

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