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Preventing dangerous situations (XI).

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Such is the case of polar, sub-polar and tropical regions, where the lack or excess of sunlight, humidity, etc. usually make it more difficult to survive.

Indeed, if you are on a regular vacation or excursion you will not need to take with you the kind of gear that you would use to reach the South Pole or cross the Takla-Makan desert, but you always need to have some kind of basic survival kit with you. This kind of very basic equipment will suffice under more emergency circumstances at least until you solve the situation by fixing your problem and returning safe, or by getting started with some long-term survival procedures in order to find shelter, food, water, etc.

If you travel with your own vehicle, you should take your survival gear as well as tools and other stuff to repair your car if anything fails. Your vehicle might break down, forcing you to spend some time, and perhaps a whole night, alone in the middle of nowhere, and if it is snowing, or you are in some desolate place with no water, your situation could become serious.

Prevision costs little, but saves lo a lot.

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