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Preventing dangerous situations (X).

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Have a contingency plan:

In outdoor activities theory does not always equal reality. Things don't always result as we plan and in fact, being prepared for survival means to prevent such circumstances and think ahead in a consequent way.

Within the context of a trip or expedition going from one point to another, any kind of problems might arise during the day: the weather might worsen, a backpack might break or you might get lost, spoiling your plans being forced to spend the night somewhere.

If you are on a seismically active area, near a volcano, or in the middle of a war, you might also face sudden and imminent dangers.

Even if you are travelling as a regular tourist destiny may still produce a practical joke on you: some years ago, while travelling between Buenos Aires and Cordoba City, some 800 kilometres to the north east, my train derailed at a speed of about 120 km/h.

If you take for granted that nothing can happen, that emergencies are exceedingly rare and you don't take any kind of emergency equipment, provisions or whatever for events as common as camping along the trail or the most basic form of first-aid chores, your situation may turn into a difficult one needlessly, particularly on high-risk regions characterised by harsh weather.

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