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Preventing dangerous situations (IX).

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After being found by coincidence, autopsy revealed that there were no wounds aside from the loss of a flock of hair due to a bump in the head. His body was perfectly preserved mummified under the snow, his clothes, and even the contents of his pockets were intact, and considering how he had been found, there was no other possible conclusion: the man suffered a minor fall inside a very small ravine about 2 metres deep, bumped his head and was left unconscious. The fall seems to have been like falling into an empty swimming pool.

That nigh snow fell on the area, and so he was covered by a thick coat of white chilling material that froze him to death. He died 15 minutes away from the cabin from where he departed; there, at least 12 persons staying there at the moment could have helped him if they knew what was going on, and he would have had even less trouble if a trek partner would have been with him. From the ravine where he died, that cabin is perfectly visible.

So, whenever you venture into the wilderness take at least one person with you and preferably two, so that someone is always left to call for help. Besides it is far easier for two to transport a wounded person than to just one.

Also, two can split medical care and other survival duties easily, and if one stays with you and the other leaves, the group would be able to seek for help and yet keep an eye on you all the time. Under some circumstances, leaving a wounded or ill person alone or attempting a journey carrying this individual could be far too dangerous.

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