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Preventing dangerous situations (VIII).

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Never travel alone

You should not go to the wilderness totally on your own for a very simple reason: if something happens to you and you can't walk anymore or you are left unconscious, there will be no way of helping you.

A couple of years ago near El Bolsón City, in southern Argentina, a mountaineer went out of a cabin for a lonely walk in the mountains. It was a sunny summer day in the Andes.

This was a 22 yearS old able man born in the same region, he had a professional certificate as a mountain and skiing guide and was in perfect physical shape. All he wanted to do is to take some pictures of a nearby peak because the day was nice.

The day elapsed but he never returned, and even thought many search and rescue attempts were performed repeatedly, spending money and time and risking the lives of soldiers, policemen and rescue specialists, not even his body could be found until the following summer.

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