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Preventing dangerous situations (II).

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A good example of this concept that occurs to me is the bright and short career of a mountaineer who was rescued once thanks to his mobile phone, which he used to call a rescue team. However, a couple of months later he died on Mount Aconcagua, along with many others.

It is not necessary to exaggerate the level of risk that an outdoor excursion entails in many cases, but the amiable image of a picturesque landscape can be a dangerous deception.

Such is the case of both polar and tropical regions. On the surface, pictures of these regions may be very appealing; however, in practical terms, to get lost or suffer an accident in one of these environments is usually a problematic issue. Such problems, while they certainly happen just by chance of fate, are usually the consequence of a series of mistakes.

However, prevention is not as tremendous as it might seem. If you think a little and plan methodically your excursions and trips, you will be able to lower significantly the potential risks associated with your activities, even in dangerous environments per se.

Of course, it is not possible to avoid all risks: some activities are more dangerous than others, but it is possible to do really a lot to keep unwarranted problems away.

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