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Preventing dangerous situations (I).

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'The fool learns by suffering'

- Sophocles

As in the case of medicine, within the context of survival techniques we can consider two different facets: one is curative, and the other preventive, and as in the case of the art of healing, it is always better to prevent than to actually cure.

It is far more easier and safer to do everything in a prudent and correct way in order to avoid getting into an emergency than to attempt to solve any difficult circumstances provoked by errors in our judgement. In some cases there might be no possible repair, such as when accidents occur and people are seriously wounded or killed.

Survival situations, much like illnesses, are circumstances that should be solved whenever they appear, but that are better prevented and can be so.

Having acted as a forensic consultant and expert witness in cases related to the death of trekkers and climbers in Patagonia, I can tell you without any doubt that the best method to survive can be explained in just one word: prudence.

Of course, our attitudes and behaviour can maximise or minimise risks related to our activities. Being imprudent may or may not have immediate consequences for you, but playing with your luck will certainly cause - at some point - a regrettable accident. It is, so to speak, a statistical certainty.

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