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Steps to follow during a wilderness emergency (XI).

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Looking for food:

Without food you can survive for a variable period of time. Under survival circumstances, food is to be considered a critical resource, and thus, its consumption should be regulated from the outset and while its procuring has not reached a level of abundance.

Your first provisions will likely be those rescued from the accident site. After that you will have to gather, hunt or cultivate your food. Indeed, such feats take time and practice, and this is why food gathering should be considered as another of your priorities for survival. If you think that animals will easily fall into your traps, you are wrong, and if you thing that corn will pop out of the ground in a week, you are wrong again.

Therefore, preparations should be made in advance, especially if the time of the year is not quite right for seeding. Remember that you will be planting for survival.

Moreover: don't count on a fast rescue. Even if you actually get rescued acouple of hours after the accident, you should start making your preparations for a long-term survival situation as soon as you clear out the immediate danger of the triggering situation.

You should also consider that albeit hunger is a physical sensation, it has psychological undertones and the body can and usually will adjust to the new circumstances and the new diet. It may take a few days until your body learns the new rules, but average people can even go on for weeks without food, and those in good physical conditions can resist even further.

Your best friend?
You may not like them, but guns are usually the best of
friends during survival situations. They even feed you.

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