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Steps to follow during a wilderness emergency (VIII).

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Looking for water:

No human can survive without water after a couple of days. Our body needs water for a lot of metabolic functions, and in fact, we are made out of a high proportion of this liquid.

Water is also necessary to cure, to cook and clean. Thus, it is even more important than food itself.

There are many techniques for finding and obtaining water, even from the most curious or unreachable places: it is even possible to obtain it as the residue of the combustion of gasoline inside a motor.

The quest for water can take a long time, especially if you have not yet prepared any device or tool designed to do just that. Collectors and condensers are a couple of examples of such artefacts. Therefore, their construction should start as soon as possible in order to make them truly productive before the span of a few days has already elapsed.

During an expedition, well-above 4.000 metres in north-western Argentina (Jujuy Province), we had to climb down near 200 m. to reach a half-frozen water stream inside a canyon, and this, after enduring a nocturnal wind storm that left our tents and gear under a coat of nearly 30 centimetres of sand, ice and dirt.

A Patagonian water stream.
Never miss a chance to collect water, even during.
rainy days such as this one in Patagonia.

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