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Steps to follow during a wilderness emergency (III).

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You may want to take with you some essentials - such as a first-aid kit - from the distressed vehicle, but remember that these items should be truly important. Don't get distracted with superficial items, even thou they might be valuable. You must leave things like luggage, money, etc. for a later rescue attempt, because if you die, they won't be good for you after all. Just take with you what is indispensable for survival.

Your immediate danger could also be a storm, in which case you will have to get away as far as possible, or seek shelter. Tornadoes, for example, can put you in front of a crucial decision, because they usually move very fast: either you get away using a fast vehicle, or you find some kind of underground shelter, such as a basement or cave.

Remember that at this stage your priority should be to avoid a clear and present danger; you must not attempt to do anything else other than taking proper cover.

Once this specific danger has passed, you may return to ground zero and recover your belongings or whatever may be useful. For example, after an aircraft crashes and the risk of explosion has passed, you may find there a lot of useful items.

The immediate danger can also be the terrain.
Terrain can also pise dangers. Glaciers, quicksand,
swamps and other obstacles could be difficult to cross.

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