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Steps to follow during a wilderness emergency (I).

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When you face an accident, emergency, or any kind of survival situation during an excursion, trek, etc. generally you will have to act promptly in order to save your life. It is indeed better to prevent and avoid dangerous situations, places, etc. but if you eventually face on, these rules will help you (Note: bookmark this page in order to return later easily).

This does not mean that we should act irrationally or fall prey to panic; on the contrary, survivors should pay attention and think carefully what to do, following a set of logically established priorities.

If we are facing a fire, we have to abandon the area as soon as possible; the same goes for distressed vehicles. We must attempt to save as many lives as possible, aside from ours, and as many assets as we can as well. Besides, we will have to seek for help and rescue.

Attempting to escape as son as possible is an instinct response to danger; however, it is not recommendable at all to react in panic because in the process, we may well put ourselves in a much worse situation, we can cause the death of others, or we may abandon indispensable gear or provisions that could serve us later.

We should minimise all damage to ourselves and others, and maximise our chances of surviving the moment and getting rescued later on, and in order to achieve this, we will normally follow the following logical steps:

1)- Avoiding the immediate danger

2)- Procuring a shelter

3)- Starting a fire

4)- Looking for water

5)- Signalling

6)- Gathering food

7)- Returning to civilisation

An emergency shelter.
Emergencies and uexpected things happen all the time.
A survival shelter constructed during a storm.

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