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Advice And Answers For Our Affiliates: How Does This Work?








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You become one of our affiliates and we will provide you with sales material such as banners, links and articles. Using this material, you will promote our services.

This material will be specially tailored for you and will contain a code or ID that will identify you. Whenever a customer comes from your site or thorough one of your links, banners, etc. this ID will be passed to our system and we will know that your effort will be the one to credit.

If the customer makes a payment, then a commission will be accredited to you. Payments will then be issued periodically.

In this way, you can make a fairly good income. However, we must stress that doing so requires work. You cannot expect to make easy money anywhere. Telling you otherwise would be to lie.

We are constantly adding new material, so keep visiting this page. If you have any doubts related to this material, please contact us.

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