Don Pablo Edronkin

On Liberty And Equality (XVII).

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Probably, Locke's ideas about the legitimacy of monarchical power would be considered as heretical in many different cultures such as the Inca Empire, Byzantium, etc. because for collectivism, the essence of the citizen should be 'I am, therefore I think.'

We cannot take for granted that civil society would always be a panacea, no matter what it should be in theory. It would be imprudent to assume that a state would always be able or willing to protect the interests of the citizens because a state is nothing more than a human product, and not one from the Gods.

This is the engine behind these four authors. Our ideas on liberty, equality, democracy, justice, etc. evolve just as life does, and it must be remembered that not all mutations are useful, and some are deadly.

Locke and Rousseau speak of chimerical states which would take care of liberties and freedom, while Marx and Plato tell us about states which would be some sort of collective soul without which people would be in the dark, but it is perhaps too much to trust completely in something, and they all do think that a state is some kind of plus ultra from which there is no return or rejection of a 'contractual situation.'

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