Don Pablo Edronkin

On Liberty And Equality (XV).

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It is incorrect to put forward a moral dictum based on ethnic, social or economical reasons, and to assume that liberty or equality depends on the termination in physical terms of a group of people is more akin to genocide than anything else.

Societies that are violent towards fractions of themselves sooner or later get consumed by their own flames: Nietzsche said that a violent man will ultimately turn against himself. The French Revolution should have served as a fresh portent to Marx; it is intriguing that he almost never treated the topic despite that it was a pre-industrial society and thus, not ripe for revolution according to his standards, not for ideological reasons, but in order to understand the dynamics of social turmoil.

So, Marxism went on to make national versions of it in Russia, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Chile, Cuba, Angola, Nicaragua, Poland, etc. and while one can certainly argue that many of these were societies also not ready for Marxism, and that Marx intended to start the revolution in countries of Western Europe, the case of East Germany proves the contrary, for East Germany had been, in fact, part of an industrialised European Nation. It utterly failed.

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