P. Edronkin

Plato's Republic (II).

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However, in other cases the problem concerning the lack of information becomes manifest during an acute crisis in the life of the organisation, when the lack of time does not allow to put up the leader's faulty skills with study and evaluation. In other words, urgency impedes these leaders to come up with information from third-parties, and have to make do with their own, and since it is often sorely lacking, they fall in the trap of their own mistakes.

One of the most common dichotomies of leadership relates to the basic organisation of the populace, the members or citizens of a given social group. In some cases, it is stated that societies should be organised in a democratic, horizontal fashion, and in others, aristocratic undertones are preferred.

Those who belong to one school of thought or another frequently state their opinions recurring to empirical proof in order to prove their own points of view. However, in order to understand the matter fully, it is indispensable to consider one of the first models of social organisation that was put forward in a rational way, and this model is no than Plato's Republic.

In this work, which is often used by members of the Gea group during their training courses as a reference, I have analysed different aspects of Plato's ideas regarding group or social organisation. The original work dates back to a dissertation written in 1997, and related to a course in political philosophy organised by the University of Indiana, in which I took part.

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