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Five Of The Top 100 Bird Watching Areas In The United States (II).


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While one can bird watch from virtually anywhere, there are certain areas of the country that see much more activity and host a wider variety of the species than others. No matter where you live in the United States, there are many opportunities to take short or long journeys to some of the most popular bird watching areas in the country. For an inside look into the top 100 bird watching spots in North America, a new book entitled "Where the Birds Are" from DK Publishing and the National Wildlife Federation, is the perfect reference to use while planning your trip. The book features valuable information on locations in every U.S state and all across Canada.

Armed with your binoculars, field guides and patience, take advantage of just a few of the locations detailed in 'Where the Birds Are':


While some may think that most attractions in Nevada are automatically equipped with flashing lights and neon signs, Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refugee is 100 percent natural and packed with some of the country's most beautiful bird species. The refuge is located in the marshy area of the mostly arid Nevada Great Basin. The marshes and wetlands provide habitat for many bird species, but one of the favorites among visitors remains the trumpeter swan. During the first two hours after dark, the ringing calls of trumpeter swans can be heard echoing off the mountains. The trumpet-like tones are more intense during a full moon because the increased light makes the swans more active.

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