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Five Of The Top 100 Bird Watching Areas In The United States (I).


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(ARA) - This year, over 60 million Americans will strap on their binoculars and grab their field book to do a bit of bird watching. An activity many consider a sport, bird watching, or birding as it is commonly known, is now the single largest hobby on the North American continent. Whether your passion for birds takes you into the backyard or out into the field, a complete field guide is a must-have on any outing.

Two of the most comprehensive and visually compelling field guides available today are the Smithsonian Handbooks "Birds of North America: Western Region," and "Birds of North America: Eastern Region." These handy new guides, written by Dr. Fred J. Alsop III, an accomplished ornithologist and professor of biological sciences, are the first and only guides to devote an entire page to each species and include their complete life history - including song, plumage, nesting, breeding, flight pattern, habitat and similar birds. Each page contains a large, full-color photograph of the species, making identification, even for the most novice of bird watchers, easy.

Before taking off for your journey into bird-land, there are a couple other essentials every bird watcher needs to ensure a successful and fulfilling outing. First, a good pair of binoculars is a fundamental instrument for spotting our feathered friends. Be sure that everyone in your party has their own set so no one misses out on a sighting. Then, bring a notebook to jot down your observations - this will help you keep track of all the species you've seen, and provide you with a valuable learning tool for future trips.

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