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(ARA) - Americans are constantly on the go. Whether heading off on a business trip or a weekend visit with the grandparents, they're spending less time at home. But a national survey recently conducted by Best Buy shows that people aren't letting their mobility stop them from using technology everywhere they go.

According to the survey, sixty-two percent of Americans will leave home for their spring and summer vacations this year. While rest and relaxation are a high priority for many vacationers, so is staying connected. Sixty percent plan to take their technology toys and tools with them on vacation.

Although people use technology the most during vacation, the survey found they also use tech toys and tools in a number of other places in the car (57 percent); in the outdoors at the park, beach and woods (42 percent); at the mall (30 percent); and at the gym (20 percent). One in 10 (10 percent) people even uses technology in public restrooms.

"With people constantly on the go this spring and summer, portable technology is a necessity," said Corey Greenberg

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