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MTX ThunderForms put bass in a stylish package that takes up unused cargo space, such as a floppy net pocket. They match the interior of your car, so you get great bass incognito. An amplifier is required for basic ThunderForms, while amplified ThunderForms come with a built-in power source.

Bazooka Bass Tubes also save space while they pump out bass. They come in amplified and non-amplified versions and are easy to install in a corner of your vehicle's trunk. Amplified Bazookas provide 100-150 watts of continuous power, depending on the model. The high-end Infinity BassLink, a novel powered subwoofer, also connects to any factory or aftermarket system and takes up only about 1 cubic foot of cargo space.

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Founded in 1974, Crutchfield Corporation is the nation's largest direct integrated marketer (catalog, call center, and Internet) of consumer electronics products. It offers a convenient, full-service shopping destination to buyers of car and home audio/video products. Providing an unprecedented level of customer service, Crutchfield is noted for its high integrity, product expertise, and technical support.

Mailed to approximately 7.5 million households, Crutchfield's catalogs include comprehensive explanations of product and technology intended to help consumers make informed buying decisions. Crutchfield was the first authorized audio/video retailer on the Internet, launching its Web site ( in the summer of 1995.

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