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Take Your Mom Fishing This Summer (III).

By Ken Schultz.

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It can be unsafe.

Not really an issue. Yes, you're dealing with hooks that can cause harm. So you have to be careful when casting, and when landing and unhooking fish. You also have to be careful every time you handle a knife in the kitchen. What's the big deal? As for wading and boating and the like, there are comfortable life preservers that you can wear if you don't swim or if you fear the water. Like driving a car and wearing a seat belt, use good judgment in a boat and around water.

It can be buggy.

Yes it can, in certain places and at certain times. Often it's not buggy, and there are spray and lotion repellents for bugs. Although the manufacturer refuses to admit it, Avon's Skin-So-Soft is very good (used by men and women) for moderate bug repelling.

It can be cold.

So dress properly. Wear layered clothing, good footwear, a jacket or sweatshirt with a hood, and angling gloves. No one, regardless of gender, likes fishing when they're uncomfortable.

I won't look good.

There are a host of catalog retailers and outdoor specialty stores that make clothing for anglers and other active outdoor people. Stylish, practical and functional is in. There is no reason that mom has to look like a dweeb, and if you give her stuff that she likes and looks good in, she'll probably be more confident about what she's doing.

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