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Traveling Abroad: Can You Protect Your Health When Far From Home? (II).


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- An extra pair of eye glasses or contact lenses, along with a current eye prescription.

- A medical identification bracelet to alert others about any health problems you may have.

- Any prescription medications and a signed and dated statement from your physician indicating the proper dosage and explaining why you take the medication.

- Over-the-counter medications and treatments that you may need, such as diarrhea medicine, cough syrup, allergy medicine, aspirin, eye drops, sunscreen and insect repellant. While traveling, avoid buying over-the-counter medicine unless you're familiar with the product. Developing countries may not have the same quality and safety standards for medications as in the United States.

Stop Stomach Bugs

No one wants to spend his or her vacation in the bathroom, but the risk of intestinal infections can be high in nonindustrialized countries with poor sanitation. To avoid traveler's diarrhea, the CDC recommends that you:

- Drink only boiled, canned, bottled or carbonated beverages. Also, wipe off bottle and can rims to avoid contamination.

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