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Sunscreen For Your Car (II).


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How Does Window Film Protect?

UV Rejection

Doctors tell us that the sun's ultraviolet rays -- coupled with the eroding ozone layer -- are leading to unprecedented increases in skin cancer and other serious medical conditions in people of all ages. In fact, skin cancer is now the most common and rapidly growing form of cancer in the United States, with more than one million new cases diagnosed each year.

Typical car windows offer some degree of sun protection, blocking most of the sun's skin-burning UVB rays, but not deep-penetrating UVA. In addition, exposing a vehícle's interior to ultraviolet rays can cause deterioration of seat belts, car seats and interior upholstery. Automotive window films can block over 99 percent of UVA and UVB rays, protecting you, as well as the interior of your vehicle.

Glare Control

Window films also reduce glare by as much as 80 percent, creating a much safer driving environment in strong sun, snow or rear headlight glare.

Safety Aspects

According to Lisa Killen, automotive marketing manager at CPFilms, manufacturer of GILA products, window film can also perform a valuable safety function. "Since 1978, American car makers have not been required to install laminated safety glass to the side and back windows of cars.

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