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Sunscreen For Your Car (I).


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#Window Films: Sunscreen for Your Car (ARA) - You don't think twice about applying sunscreen to yourself, or your children, when spending a day in the sun. You probably even wear UV protective sunglasses while driving to reduce glare. But did you know that you (and your passengers) could be soaking up more damaging ultraviolet rays in a few hours in your car than you do in a day at the beach? Or that rear headlight glare can be as dangerous as the sun's? Did you know that window film is an easy do-it-yourself solution to the problem?

Next to housing, a family's biggest financial investment is its vehícle. Consumers are maintaining their vehicles longer, and are spending increasingly more time commuting to work and other activities. As a result, protecting the vehicle's interior and making it safer to drive becomes as important as maintaining its outside appearance.

Why Do I Need Protection from the Sun in My Vehicle?

The sun emits two types of energy in the winter that can make driving more difficult and can even expose you to harmful rays. The most dangerous and least noticeable energy is ultraviolet. These destructive rays can bleach fabrics, rot upholstery, and over time, cause sunburns and stimulate skin cancer and other skin-related problems.

Because it is the result of light, glare can affect people in different ways, but most state law enforcement and safety groups support the belief that reducing glare by at least 40 percent improves driving comfort, vision and safety.

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