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Gift Ideas For The Sports Enthusiast (IV).


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If the tennis player on your list is just starting out, Prince's Synergy Series of racquets ($29-$95) is a good choice. A combination of outstanding game improvement features is what players get when they play with a Prince Synergy racquet. The new Synergy racquets are the best playing, easiest swinging racquets for the value.

Now you'll probably need a new tennis bag to carry that new racquet in, won't you? Well, Prince's new line of Hornet bags are outstanding looking. The Prince Hornet Triple 300 ($39) will hold approximately 3-4 racquets and has a total of three compartments to store all of your tennis necessities.

Visit for more tennis gear and accessories to stuff in that bag. Prince offers everything from racquets to apparel.


While we're on the subject of racquet sports, let's move indoors to racquetball. Racquetball is a great indoor court sport; one of the most popular in the US. If your special someone plays racquetball, you can be sure they've heard of Ektelon, the number one brand in racquetball. Power is the name of this game an Ektelon incorporates this knowledge into every racquet that they make. Here are some great products by Ektelon that are great for any racquetball player.

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