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(ARA) - The once strict exercise regimen of many fitness enthusiasts tends to taper off in the winter months. But the latest and most advanced sports equipment not only provides top of the line performance, it motivates us to get out there and play!


The winter is here and as the snow begins to fall, people begin to hit the mountains - sometimes literally. Nordica has a fantastic line of skis and boots that are sure to please all of the skiing friends and family.

The Trend Exo 7.1 Boot ($349) is perfect for skiers who desire comfort and ease of use. This boot has Nordica's patented Exopower technology, which combines two different synthetics of different densities - a hard frame and soft skin for the ultimate balance of performance and comfort with enhanced transmission of skier energy to the ski. It also comes with Outlast temperature regulation. Outlast is a chemical application that regulates the temperature in the boot throughout the day.

To create the perfect ski/boot system, Nordica offers the Trend 7.1 Ski ($499) to match the Trend 7.1 boot perfectly. This ski provides maximum versatility in all snow conditions at medium to high speeds. For intermediate technical skiers, the Trend 7.1 ski provides complete control on any type of terrain. The ease of use and manoeuverability that distinguish these skis guarantee a great skiin experience, even for beginners.

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