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How To Find Foreign Writing Markets (IV).

By Gary McLaren.
Copyright 2000 - 2003, Gary McLaren.

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You can also find markets fairly successfully by searching for publications through a local search engine. AllSearchEngines has a huge list of search engines all over the world.

Search for the type of publication you want, e.g. 'sport magazine' or 'women magazine'. For a wider search you might try just 'magazine', but for some countries this will return too many results.


Being located in another country is never a valid excuse to skip this fundamental step in the freelance writing process. In fact it is more important than ever. If a publication has no online presence you will need to get your hands on a hard copy.

Fortunately many publications are now online. Visiting their web site can often give you a good insight into most of what you need to know as a freelance writer. Put on your investigative journalist's hat.

Study the publication's content and style. What are they covering and what are they not? In which countries are the current writers located? Are they staff writers or freelancers? Who are the readers? Often the readership demographics are available in the Advertising section.

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