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How To Find Foreign Writing Markets (III).

By Gary McLaren.
Copyright 2000 - 2003, Gary McLaren.

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Publist claims to have a database of over 150,000 magazines, journals, newsletters, & other periodicals (including U.S). To get to the international listings you need to click on 'Advanced Search Options', then choose the 'Advanced' tab and you will be able to search by country.

Many of the listings do not have an onsite presence, but most will include the editor's name, contact details, and often an email address.

The Ultimate Collection of News Links -

Easy to search by country. 10,000 newspapers and magazines listed.

The Guide To Asian Media -

The site contains information on 25,000 media in fifty-seven countries. It doesn't link you to the site or give you the editor's email address, but at least you can find out which publications are in the country.

After identifying a publication here, try searching for an online presence using Yahoo or a search engine for that region.


The American Association of Teachers of Slavic and Eastern European Languages has posted this listing of East European and Slavic news media on the Internet.

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