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Nine Ways To Get The Most Out Of Living Your Life Purpose (IV).

By Bradford Smith.

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It's your life continuing to be shaped by your life purpose. You don't need to force this natural process. Let it evolve.

9)- Trust the Universe to provide you with many opportunities to express your life purpose. There is a certain flow to living on purpose.

A lot of the hard work and struggle will start to disappear from your life if you'll let it. It becomes more about being who you are as your life purpose and less about all the things there are to do. You may find that many of the things you've been working on have only been distractions to keep your from your true calling.

This could include broken relationships, miscommunications, integrity issues, etc. As you live true to your purpose, trust the Universe to work with you in resolving these distractions. Your job, first and foremost, is to continue to life true to the purpose you've said yourself to be.

Thanks go to my client, massage therapist Kim Greenlee ( for inspiring this article.

W. Bradford Swift is director of Life On Purpose Institute -- an organization dedicated to people clarifying their life purpose and living true to it -- where he is a coach, writer and trainer for other coaches. Hundreds of his articles have appeared in such diverse publications as Modern Maturity, Hope, New Age Journal, Yoga Journal, and many others.

He may be contacted by email:; by phone: 1-800-668-0183; or visit the Life On Purpose Institute website: For a FREE subscription to Purposeful Pondering Ezine, send an email to


C 1998 Brad Swift. ¥ or call 828.697-9239 for more free information. This material may be transmitted freely with this contact and attribution information. Enjoy!

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