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Thoughts on ... Being Outside and Inside (I).

By Louise LeBrun - Managing Partner - Partners in Renewal Inc., Ottawa, Canada, -

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Living in Canada's capital, it's tough to avoid outdoor activity! With the world's longest skating rink but a short drive away; and with ski hills, toboggan runs and cross-country trails in abundance and close enough to deprive even the biggest Couch Potato of any legitimate excuse, spending time outside is inviting, accessible and proven to be good for your health.

We are encouraged at every turn of the page and flick of the dial to be more conscious - more mindful - of our need to move; to connect ourselves in some way to the forces that surround us and find ways to move with them and through them; to be in flow. Good for your heart, good for the Soul and good for whatever ails you. It's becoming impossible to deny that what you're avoiding may be what you're missing for a longer and more joyous life.

This doesn't just apply to the outside. The same can be said for spending time inside - but inside of you. Like coming in from the cold into warm and inviting spaces, allowing the comfort that comes from the smell of logs burning on the fire and the feel of the blanket of heat to wrap itself around you. So too can the inner spaces of your mind - the sacred housing of your spirit and your soul - unfold and enfold you in its life-sustaining waves of peace, vitality and authenticity.

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