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Don't Invite the Ham Family to Christmas (II).

By Jeffrey D. Murrah.

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Stress: We expect family times to be happy, and when they are not we feel disappointed. We spend our time buying and doing things to make others happy, often at our own expense.

Practice good communication: People forget about the simple kindness of talking to others. We assume that others can read our mind. They cannot!

We can get a grip on these difficulties. First, keep expectations realistic. We must remember that people are not superhuman. Ask yourself if your request is reasonable.

Practice acceptance. There are always people and situations we would like to change. As we accept others, we have an easier time accepting ourselves. We cannot put conditions on acceptance, and acceptance does not mean approval. We can accept people whether or not we approve of some aspect of their life.

Listen more than you talk. Spend more time listening to others rather than telling them what to do. Many fights over the dinner table boil down to each person trying to defend himself.

Learn to express gratitude. During this time of the year, we get caught up in our activities and neglect to say thank you.

Develop flexibility in your schedules, the children's bedtimes, and your responses to others.

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