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Negotiating Your Fitness Obstacles (VII).

By Joe Senate.

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This doesnšt mean that training is number one and that you have to drink protein shakes three times a day, seven days a week. It means you know just when to schedule training and how many days a week you eat right.

For example, if your son just broke his finger playing basketball, you will obviously be passing on this workout and picking it back up tomorrow.

If the neighbors invite you over for dinner, tell them 'I have to go to the gym, maybe another night' (this is also a great excuse if you didnšt feel like visiting them anyway).

When youšre dining out, make sure they prepare your food so you can stay within the confines of your diet. If your friends call you a health nut, so what!, you are.

Finally, arm yourself with all the knowledge you can, and integrate a support team, including your trainer, health care professionals, training partner, and significant other. This will get you off on the right foot.

About the author: Joe Senate, MSS is the Director of Education & Technical Support for the International Sports Sciences Association.

He is currently a nationally ranked athlete and has authored several published articles on the topics of strength and fitness. Joe Senate is available for consultation and can be reached at

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